ionSign Cloud

ionSign Cloud is an easy device management and reporting tool with a browser interface.

ionSign Cloud offers effortless management for all your deployed Neutron and Gluon data acquisition devices, supporting measurement channel configuration, IDs and naming of locations and channels, device diagnostics and event logs, sending commands to devices and firmware updates. Admin or user privileges support different management roles. ionSign Cloud receives data from devices, shows time series graphs, exports data to XLS or CSV files, produces standard format text reports for FTP get, or pushes data to your bespoke system in JSON, to merge with your other data sources, and enable further analyses and visualisation. If you’re building on commercial clouds like Azure or AWS, ionSign Cloud forwards your data directly to the final destination.
ionSign Cloud Options 2018
In its easiest form, ionSign Cloud is available as a service. Just configure the devices. ionSign Cloud is also available as a purchased application, when it may be fine-tuned to meet client-specific needs.

Compatible with:

IBM Watson IoT
Windows Azure
ionSign Cloud

Try it for Yourself!

Log in to the ionSign Cloud, using username “demo” and password “1234”.

ionSign Cloud Specifications

Remote configuration & management of all ionSign products

Device diagnostics and event logs

Admin & User privileges

Firmware updates

Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, InfluxDB and passthrough forwarding

Export to file (XLS/CSV)

Text format reports via FTP

HTTP data transfer protocol

Send data to devices


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Ekeri has developed several safety and efficiency improvements for truck and trailer equipment. With ionSign, Ekeri developed EkeGuard, the truck trailer surveillance and control system.


Marine industry shaper MacGregor teamed up with ionSign to maximize cargo area utilization rates. A succesful proof of concept encouraged a pilot installation, now sailing on a container vessel in the Pacific.

enegia energy management


Effective energy management requires reliable and detailed consumption data. ionSign’s Neutron utility meter readers provide Enegia with consumption data to support energy management services.

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