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IoT & Big Data

It’s About Innovation

Products evolve at an increasing pace. Connectivity creates fresh opportunities. Smart, connected products transform competition. Services create increasingly more value over mere products. Traditional industry boundaries crack and fall.

Remote data collection is the back-office of the Industrial Internet. For deriving big data value, there has to be a big data provider. That’s what ionSign’s Gluon data collection devices stand for.

Do you manage rooms or equipment at several locations? Do you sell equipment to be used all over the world? Does your staff and fleet move around in their job? 

Big Data & IoT with ionSign Gluon

ionSign’s Gluon remote data collection devices are dependable and independent. They can be fitted to collect data from many types of instrumentation and automation environments. And they provide the data to the server of your choice, bespoke or commercial. Right from the field. Just ask once, Gluon keeps telling you what’s going on, until you tell to stop.

Collect current or voltage signals, pulse or temperature data, or Modbus meter data. ionSign’s Gluon data collection devices bring the data to your Modbus fieldbus or to your remote systems, using the internet or the mobile data network. Browse on and get to know your opportunities!

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Gluon Concept 2018


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