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Enegia Group Oy is a leading independent Finnish company specialised in the energy market. It offers services related to energy procurement and sales, and efficient use of energy for enterprises, property owners, energy companies and the public sector. Enegia Group operates in the Scandinavian and Baltic regions.

Effective energy management requires knowledge of utility consumptions at appropriately detailed sublevels. Since the utility provider typically only meters top level consumptions, Enegia Group uses extensive sublevel metering to gain information for energy management and efficiency improvements.

Neutron12ionSign’s Neutron remote utility meter readers have formed a solid backbone of collecting and reporting this consumption data. Neutrons attach to the utility meters – electricity, water, heat, gas etc. – and provide hourly consumption data on a daily basis, conveyed instantly to Enegia Group’s client system, Enerkey. It is very easy and cost efficient for Enegia Group to provide their clients with massive amounts of real-time individual consumption data to support energy management services.

Learn more about Enegia Group and Enerkey. Learn more about ionSign’s Neutron remote pulse readers.

katri honkonen enegia

For Enegia, flawless time series of reliable meter readings is an absolute necessity. It not only lets us provide a superb service but also helps in keeping data acquisition costs in shape. ionSign’s Neutron remote readers have proved to be reliable, affordable and easy to manage.

Katri Honkonen

Enegia, Enerkey


Key Benefits for Enegia Group

Top service delivery due to device layer reliability

Cost efficiency due to uncomplicated device management

Scalability both at site and system level

Related Product - Neutron12-3G

12 standard S0 pulse inputs

Integrated 3G GSM module

Hourly, half-hourly or quarterly logging by default

Easy setup with a single SMS

30 day data buffering (@hourly logging)

Delivered with power supply and external antenna


Ii Municipality

Ii municipality, in northern Finland, has realised 43 separate carbon reduction projects. Encouraged by success, Ii advanced the 80% reduction target from the original year 2030 to 2020.


Ekeri has developed several safety and efficiency improvements for truck and trailer equipment. With ionSign, Ekeri developed EkeGuard, the truck trailer surveillance and control system.


Marine industry shaper MacGregor teamed up with ionSign to maximize cargo area utilization rates. A succesful proof of concept encouraged a pilot installation, now sailing on a container vessel in the Pacific.

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