Industrial Optimisation

Enersize has over 35 years’ experience of providing systematic compressed air systems (CAS) energy efficiency optimisation. One of Enersize’s clients is a leading global LCD panel manufacturer, based in China. To ramp up cost competitiveness and carbon footprint, it needed to cut down on the 47 GWh of annual electrical energy used for compressed air production.

Essentially with the data gained by three ionSign’s Gluon GMU191 units, Enersize planned and employed optimisation measures, passing on significant savings to the Chinese LCD panel manufacturer. Within 5 months of kick-off, Enersize had delivered energy savings of 15%. Further optimisation measures have been planned already to drive energy savings to 29% over the next 12 months. The Gluon GMU191 remote monitoring units are the backbone of the solution, effectively placed to monitor crucial elements of the system.

Partnering with ionSign made it possible for us to efficiently provide services on a global scale. A constant flow of reliable data from the site is a necessity for us to plan and follow the optimising actions. ionSign designed us a solution, which now is a standard issue in our services.

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Key Benefits for Enersize

Establish reliable pre and post optimisation statuses independently of client

Fast, low-risk and cost-effective remote monitoring

Faster savings for their client

Related Product - Gluon GMU191

8 digital/pulse inputs

10 current loop (4-20 mA) inputs

PT1000 temperature sensor input

2 RS485 interfaces for Modbus Master and Slave

Buffering of 15 000 measurements (i.e. all inputs & 250 Modbus registers)

DIN rail mounting, 9 modules, optional enclosure available

Integrated 3G GSM module

Set up with a single SMS


enegia energy management


Effective energy management requires reliable and detailed consumption data. ionSign’s Neutron utility meter readers provide Enegia with consumption data to support energy management services.


Marine industry shaper MacGregor teamed up with ionSign to maximize cargo area utilization rates. A succesful proof of concept encouraged a pilot installation, now sailing on a container vessel in the Pacific.


KP-Servicepartner, a growth oriented family business competing in the crowded industrial maintenance space, decided to build their competitive advantage on new, efficient, IoT driven services.

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