The battery operated Neutron3-B+ collects pulses anywhere. Pulse data from a hole in the ground for years before a battery replacement. Add temperature, humidity and Modbus communication.

Neutron3B liittimetNeutron3-B+ is a member of the Neutron family that chooses its own paths. With same basic functionality as Neutron4, designed from the ground up to save power in battery operation, Neutron3-B+ sets your pulse data logging free. Especially gas and water meters are easily located where there’s no mains available. No worries! Neutron3-B+ logs your data, independently, unattended. The standard battery lasts up to six years, a high-capacity battery gives you up to 20 years runtime before a battery replacement.

Neutron3-B reporting adheres to the familiar Neutron family flexibility. ionSign Cloud is the fastest way to start seeing your data in minutes. Bespoke EMS or FMS platforms are reached with just a little interface tuning. Also commercial clouds are reached simply by forwarding from ionSign Cloud.

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Leak Guard Included

Hana tippuuNeutron3-B+ constantly monitors the connected meters for leaks. The most advanced Leak Guard in the market gives you four configurable leak types, to fit the exact consumption patterns of your locations. The Leak Guard runs locally on the device and alerts instantly upon a detected leak event, despite of the scheduled data transmission.

Neutron3-B Specifications

3 inputs for pulses, I2C bus for e.g. a T/RH sensor

Hourly, half-hourly or quarterly logging by default

Integrated, configurable Leak Guard

18 months of data buffering (for half-hourly logging)

Integrated 3G GSM module, internal antenna

Modbus RS485 communication with an add-on card

Standard battery life up to 6 years (subject to network strength)

Up to 20 years of runtime with a high-capacity battery

Single SMS configuration


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Ekeri has developed several safety and efficiency improvements for truck and trailer equipment. With ionSign, Ekeri developed EkeGuard, the truck trailer surveillance and control system.


With data collected by 3 ionSign GMU191 units, Enersize planned and realized a total saving of 29% in energy usage for comprressed air production at a Chinese LCD panel manufacturing plant.


KP-Servicepartner, a growth oriented family business competing in the crowded industrial maintenance space, decided to build their competitive advantage on new, efficient, IoT driven services.

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