ionSign Neutron15 is a pulse counter for remote monitoring of energy and utility consumption. It is very easy to install, setup and use.

NeutronGW_Neutron15Neutron15 turns 15 simple energy and utility meters into smart meters. It collects any kind of utility consumption data from e.g. electricity, water, heat and gas meters, conforming to the S0 pulse interface. The meter supporting, data is accurate for invoicing.

In energy management, Neutron15 is the perfect companion of the ionSign Neutron Smart Gateway. With 32 connected Neutron15 units, the Gateway reaches its full capacity of 480 monitored meters. Naturally, Neutron15 may be used as pulse and digital switch data collector in any Modbus fieldbus system. We recommend the ionSign Gluon series.

ionSign provides a cloud service for data aggregation, reporting and device management. Client specific server integrations are also easy to design.

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Neutron15 Specifications

15 standard S0 interface pulse inputs

Modbus Slave connection via RS485 interface

Readable from any Modbus master device

Recommended with ionSign Neutron Smart Gateway

Also monitor digital switch status


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enegia energy management


Effective energy management requires reliable and detailed consumption data. ionSign’s Neutron utility meter readers provide Enegia with consumption data to support energy management services.


Ekeri has developed several safety and efficiency improvements for truck and trailer equipment. With ionSign, Ekeri developed EkeGuard, the truck trailer surveillance and control system.


KP-Servicepartner, a growth oriented family business competing in the crowded industrial maintenance space, decided to build their competitive advantage on new, efficient, IoT driven services.

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