Neutron Smart Gateway

Neutron Smart Gateway reports a large number of third party Modbus and pulse consumption meters and compatible ionSign data acquisition units. It is autonomous, fault tolerant and easily installed.

Neutron Smart GatewayNeutron Smart Gateway reports energy & utility consumption data from any combination of Modbus fieldbus meters and pulse meters.

After initial setup, it autonomously provides an unbroken time series of data. It even recovers from transfer network and power failures without any user action.

With the Neutron Smart Gateway, you easily convert up to 480 simple pulse meters into smart meters, with remote data acquisition. It readily supports selected third party Modbus meters, e.g. Carlo Gavazzi, and provides an effortless way of securing a constant data flow from a large amount of consumption meters of various types.

Neutron15 is the most effective way to populate the pulse meter capacity in the Neutron Smart Gateway.

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Neutron Smart Gateway Specifications

Capacity up to 480 meters (32 Modbus locations, 15 meters each)

Local buffer of at least 144 days of data

Autonomously recovers from transfer network failures

Autonomously recovers from power outages

Setup once and forget

Modbus Master and Slave on RS485

Supports selected third party Modbus energy meters


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